The Super Creatives

Need a new style or fashion advise?
Why not call in the "Super Creative Girl"

How about snazzy new graphic design?
This ones for "Super Designer"

Having trouble creating a video?
We'll send in "Super Director"

There isn't a creative problem to big that
the Super Creatives can't fix.

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We need to thank a Super Illustrator for our super rendition. Sanit Klamchanuan, we thank you! Check out his portfolio at


Some work I did for Zumwohl

Leave us a note. Share your comment on our leggings video. Give us ideas on what you would like to see our Super Stylist and our Super Director film about next.

Anna Peka gets pampered with an amazing $8000 makeover!

She now looks even hotter thanks to all the people involve including our own Super Stylist and Super Director.

Our Super Stylist handed the reins over to a super writer, Uma Lele, for this colourful top ten.


We LOVE these little goodies from NZ Designer Ruby!  Let you eyes feast…

Our Super Stylist has a new look website.

Thank you Jack Yan & Associates - the most important associate of them being Super Designer, Tanya. It looks fantastic!

We now have a twitter account

We now have a logo!


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